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Rotary Joints

Rotary Joints or Rotating Unions are designed to permit the flow of different media from any motionless supply pipe. They are used with heat transferring and hydraulic media. They are designed to be locked onto an input valve to meet an outlet. Substances like as thermal oil, hydraulic oil, steam, water, air, etc. flow through them and leave them when the valve gets open during rotation. They are ideal to provide maximum performance under high-temperature and pressure. In addition to this, their design can be changed or altered for enhancing the psi or rpm.

Features of Rotary Joints:

  • Self-supported joints designed to provide long-lasting as well as positive seal between rotating cylinder as well as stationary piping
  • Ideal to be used with water, steam, air, hot oil, etc.
  • Available with two internal carbon-graphite bearings for self-alignment
  • Extended seal life with high- reliability and flexibility


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